KPop idols who left their group and why?

KPop idols who left their group and why?

The South Korean industry is extremely competitive. About a hundred or more of groups have started since the rise of KPop. No one knows where they all went. Some were disbanded, some had issues, some, just disappeared and never heard of them again.

There are cases where either members of the group themselves take the jump and leave the group or the agency kicks them out. Both cases are very much possible. Both end up tarnishing the band’s reputation one way or another. Here we have a few KPop idols who left their groups-

Wonho from Monsta X

K-Pop Star And Former Monsta X Member Wonho Cleared Of Drug Charges After  Months-Long Battle

The now solo artist was involved in a drug scandal, where he was accused of using cannabis. He refused the allegations and told he was innocent, yet the investigations went on. To not tarnish the band’s reputation, Wonho posted a handwritten letter in October 2019, informing he will leave Monsta X. In mid 2020, he was cleared of all the allegations after a thorough investigation. He is currently focusing on his solo career.

Jimin from AOA

Breaking: Jimin Leaves AOA | Soompi

AOA leader Jimin announced she would be leaving the group in July 2020 as she was accused of bullying another group member. The original news was of an unnamed member bullying Mina about her crying about her father’s death. Soon after, the agency announced Jimin would be leaving. Before the controversy, Mina decided not to renew her contract in 2019.

Kim Sunghyun from IN2IT

Produce X 101" Kim SungHyun Reveals Details For Leaving IN2IT On Instagram  | Kpopmap - Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage

In September 2019, Kim left IN2IT allegedly for the poor care and mistreatment by the agency. He took to Instagram to write a long letter explaining the situation in detail about delayed promotions to no promotions. Not paying the members enough or asking them to pay for their own haircuts etc. After, the agency denied the statements by releasing a statement and further said Sunghyun was the one who didn’t want to join them after his stint on Produce 101.

Youngmin from AB6IX

AB6IX leader Young-min leaves group after DUI scandal, Entertainment News -  AsiaOne

Youngmin was caught drunk driving with friends. He was caught by the police and his license was revoked. He faced a lot of backlash from neitzens over this. He decided to leave the group over this to not to cause more harm to band members. He posted an apology saying, he is aware of his mistakes and is reflecting his actions now.

Kangin from Super Junior

Kangin and His Toxic Relationship with Alcohol – Seoulbeats

In his whole career, Kangin was involved in a lot of scandals. He’s got repeated DUI charges and even charges of physically assaulting his girlfriend in public. After his 2nd DUI he announced he would be leaving the group via Instagram and apologized to both members and fans.

B.I from iKon

iKon to make comeback a year after K-pop lead singer B.I quit over a drug  scandal | South China Morning Post

Another scenario of scandal. Hanbin was accused of buying LSD. A news agency has found a report that showed chats between B.I and a drug dealer. This scandal has spread and YG entertainment has apologized for the singer’s behavior. Later, B.I announced he was leaving the group and posted an apology on Instagram.

Was leaving the group the only option for these idols? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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