On the Ground MV: Blackpink’s Rosé channels hurt & heartbreak in this operatic fantasy song. Watch!

Blackpink’s golden-voiced vocalist Rosé has released her much-awaited solo debut album titled R lead by the song, On the Ground. This album has two tracks, lead single On the Ground and B-side track, Gone. Both songs are in English, probably to honor her Australian roots and the influence, artist like Gummy had on her. Even though we wish there were more songs to her solo debut, we are still ecstatic to listen to Rosé’s angelic voice in any form or shape! BLINKS are elated and have taken over twitter trends with keywords like ‘On the Ground’, ‘Rosé’ and ‘BLACKPINK’.

The song ‘On the Ground’ depicts self-reflection and self-love. It describes a star who devoted her life to be on the top of her game. And eventually, she realizes that a person’s worth is determined by one’s inner character and how one should accept themselves for one who is. This song is a operatic fantasy with staggering sets, swirling bling and fabric and suffering in theatric style. Basically, heartbreak in an extravaganza! Yet, Rosé’s honey-like vocals pierce through bling and shine. You feel for the pain, the sorrows, the suffering for the girl in beautiful clothes and soft lighting. It has all the glimmer of exquisite KPop, yet Rosé’s magical voice, mellows it down.

You can watch the video below:

This album also features Gone, a bitter-sweet mellow track, centered around love and separation. Rosé performed Gone, for her worldwide fans for the online concert THE SHOW.

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