UK to Introduce 7-Minute Cancer Treatment Injection

UK to Introduce 7-Minute Cancer Treatment Injection
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The UK’s national health service is poised to pioneer a groundbreaking approach in cancer treatment, potentially reducing treatment durations by up to 75%. This revolutionary advancement involves administering an injectable cancer treatment to hundreds of patients in England. Following the green light from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, NHS England revealed its plans to introduce “under the skin” injections of the immunotherapy drug, atezolizumab. This innovative method promises to not only streamline treatment but also create more flexibility for cancer care teams.

Traditionally, atezolizumab, also known as Tecentriq, has been administered intravenously through a drip directly into patients’ veins, a process that often took around 30 to 60 minutes. This was especially challenging for patients with difficult-to-access veins, causing delays and discomfort. However, with the new approach, the injection takes a mere seven minutes, significantly expediting the treatment process.

Marius Scholtz, representing Roche Products Limited, highlighted the efficiency of this new method, emphasizing the significant time savings compared to the conventional intravenous infusion. Atezolizumab, developed by Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche, operates as an immunotherapy drug that harnesses the patient’s immune system to identify and eliminate cancer cells. This groundbreaking treatment, which is currently delivered via infusion, benefits NHS patients dealing with various cancers such as lung, breast, liver, and bladder cancers.

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