Mamata Banerjee’s Nandigram Attack: Conspiracy, fear of defeat, or a taste of her own medicine?

As the election commission recently ruled out any possible conspiracy angle in the Nandigram attack on West Bengal’s CM, which took place on March 10th that nobody surprisingly witnessed, the EC has also stated that the entire incident was an accident.

The same Mamata Banerjee who has earlier blamed the election commission to be biased several times ironically wanted the body to probe the alleged attack on her just to end up not being convinced by its statement that the incident was a mere accident. The WB chief minister now wants a probe of the entire Nandigram incident to be headed by the Bengal Crime Investigation Department. While the BJP continues to host rallies in several parts of West Bengal for the upcoming legislative assembly elections, Mamata Banerjee seems to have a tough time sorting out her strategies for election campaigns, shifting from her age-long appeasement politics to self-victimisation.

Whatever happened in Nandigram leading to an injury to the sitting CM of West Bengal raises some critical questions not only on the authenticity of the claim but also on the state’s law and order. If Mamata Banerjee was actually attacked, what was the high level Z+ security provided to her with rings of commandos doing and were the protocols breached? Going by Mamata Banejree’s statement, there were no police officials present at the spot for 4-5 hours in such a huge public gathering, which again puts the state government in question, keeping in mind the state’s police department comes under home ministry and Mamata Banerjee is the home minister of West Bengal. With the compound failure of all elements of the state government which directly fall under the NCP chief, what is it that she is trying to insinuate and who exactly is she trying to blame for conspiring the attack?

The Western Indian state which has often been in news not just for poll violence but also severe atrocities on common people, including the recent case where an 85 Years Old mother of a BJP Leader was brutally beaten by some young men who were alleged to be TMC workers, has its law and order as a sham and the situation only vindicates EC’s decision to hold the West Bengal assembly elections in eight phases.

Whether the Nandigram attack on chief minister of WB was a result of her own law and order failures or was it an exaggeration to blame other political parties due to fear of being defeated in the upcoming assembly elections is a decision that voters have to take but either way it’s only the NCP chief having loose ends.

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