Government Initiates Committee to Advance ‘One Nation, One Election’ Legislation

Government Initiates Committee to Advance ‘One Nation, One Election’ Legislation
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NEW DELHI: The announcement of a special parliamentary session scheduled from September 18-22, the government has taken a significant step by constituting a committee led by former president Ram Nath Kovind. This committee’s primary objective is to spearhead the “One Nation One Election” legislation, a pivotal initiative that is expected to shape the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Sources within the government have confirmed the formation of this committee under the leadership of the former president, even though the precise agenda for the special parliamentary session has yet to be revealed. The committee’s mandate goes beyond assessing the feasibility of the legislation; it aims to proactively engage with various political parties, seeking a consensus that will facilitate the smooth passage of the proposed legislation.

Ever since assuming office as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has been a fervent proponent of the “One Nation One Election” concept. The frequent occurrence of elections, nearly every year, has posed challenges to development due to adherence to the code of conduct. Prime Minister Modi has consistently advocated for a comprehensive discussion on the idea of simultaneous polls, emphasizing the need for consensus among all stakeholders.

Historically, up until 1967, Lok Sabha and assembly elections were held concurrently. However, this practice was disrupted following the imposition of president’s rule in certain states. The formation of this committee signifies a renewed effort to revisit and potentially reinstate the synchronization of elections at different levels of government.

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