Action-packed ‘Agent’ starring Akhil faces 8 cuts & 3 mutes in censor review

Action-packed ‘Agent’ starring Akhil faces 8 cuts & 3 mutes in censor review
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Akhil’s highly anticipated film ‘Agent‘ is all set to hit theaters this Friday, with US premieres scheduled for Thursday, 27th April. While the film faced some delays during production, it has now received a UA certificate from the censor board with a run time of 156 minutes.

Interestingly, the first copy of the film was completed only ten days prior to its release, as the producer had locked in the release date, forcing the director to wrap up post-production work. Despite this tight deadline, the film has managed to generate a lot of buzz among fans.

The movie’s violent trailer had initially led many to believe that it would receive an A certificate, indicating that it was suitable only for adults. However, the board ultimately granted an Unrestricted public exhibition with Parental guidance, along with eight cuts and three mutes.

Some of the changes suggested by the censor board included removing visuals of a beheading, a reference to ‘PM’ with subtitles, and blood on the hero’s face and body. They also recommended muting certain words such as ‘Chotiya’, ‘Maarhod’, and ‘F*cking’, with subtitles.

Despite these censor cuts, Akhil remains optimistic about the film’s prospects, especially considering the lackluster buzz surrounding its competition, PS 2, in Telugu. Fans will have to wait and see how the movie performs in theaters.

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