Actress Samantha Embraces Peace and Devotion at Vellore’s Golden Temple

Actress Samantha Embraces Peace and Devotion at Vellore’s Golden Temple
Source: Twitter

Samantha, the renowned actress who recently took a break from her acting career, has embarked on a peaceful road trip.

In her latest Instagram story, she delightedly shared her visit to the serene Golden Temple in Vellore. Accompanying her on this spiritual journey was Tamil film producer Jagadish Palanisamy, known for his notable works such as ‘Leo’ and ‘Maharaja.

‘During her visit, Samantha captivated her fans by posting a series of captivating photos of the temple. In one of the snapshots, she posed alongside Jagadish Palanisamy, showcasing their camaraderie and shared love for spirituality. Additionally, she shared a heartfelt video of herself, immersed in the soul-stirring Tamil romantic song ‘Pachai Nirame,’ composed by the legendary AR Rahman.

Radiating elegance, Samantha was adorned in an enchanting orange kurti, complemented by stylish sunglasses. She gracefully sported vermillion on her forehead, reflecting her deep-rooted faith. While Samantha has recently completed shooting for the highly anticipated films ‘Kushi’ and ‘Citadel,’ her fans eagerly await their release. As per reports, the talented actress plans to take a well-deserved six-month break before embarking on her next project, ensuring she returns to the screen with renewed energy and creativity.

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