Anup Thapa Set to Recreate India’s Legendary Event with ‘The Battle Story of Somnath’

Anup Thapa Set to Recreate India’s Legendary Event with ‘The Battle Story of Somnath’
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Director Anup Thapa has unveiled an upcoming film titled ‘The Battle Story of Somnath,’ which has generated tremendous anticipation among the audience.

This ambitious pan-India project, produced by Manish Mishra and Ranjit Sharma, and helmed by Anup Thapa, who also penned the script, promises to offer a fresh perspective on a significant historical event. The film revolves around the backdrop of Muhammad Ghazni’s assault on the Somnath Temple, but its treatment diverges from the conventional historical film narrative.According to Director Anup Thapa, the movie aims to shed light on a lesser-known or misrepresented version of Indian history.

Thapa asserts that this alternative account, which has been either forgotten or overlooked by certain historians, is crucial for every Indian to comprehend. With this film, the makers seek to present the audience with an innovative storytelling approach that sets it apart from previous historical films.

While the teaser, providing a glimpse into the film’s concept, is expected to be released soon, the announcement of the main cast has been postponed. The focus currently lies on crafting a compelling narrative for the movie. ‘The Battle Story of Somnath’ is scheduled to release in 12 languages, showcasing its pan-Indian appeal.

The exact release date of the film has not yet been disclosed. Film trade analyst Taran Adarsh has shared this exciting update on his social media platforms, generating further buzz and anticipation among movie enthusiasts.

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