Naga Chaitanya on the rumours of him walking out of the theatre after seeing Samantha’s ‘Kushi’ trailer

Naga Chaitanya on the rumours of him walking out of the theatre after seeing Samantha’s ‘Kushi’ trailer

Naga Chaitanya has put an end to speculations surrounding his alleged departure from a theatre during the screening of the ‘Kushi’ trailer, branding the rumors as unfounded. The highly anticipated movie ‘Kushi’, featuring Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda, is gearing up for a September 1 release in multiple languages.Recent headlines sparked due to rumors of Naga Chaitanya’s abrupt exit from a theatre during the presentation of the ‘Kushi’ trailer.

Social media caught wind of these claims, leading to speculation about potential tensions between Naga Chaitanya and Samantha following their separation in 2021. Finally addressing the issue, Naga Chaitanya was seen at a prominent theatre in Hyderabad, reportedly attending a screening of the Kannada film ‘Boys Hostel’.

Allegations arose that he left the show midway upon the airing of Samantha’s ‘Kushi’ trailer. However, Naga Chaitanya has swiftly denied these assertions, terming them as baseless and attributing the origin of the false rumor to a specific Telugu website. He has taken steps to have the article corrected.Over a decade ago, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s paths converged during the filming of ‘Yeh Maaya Chesave’, eventually leading to their romantic involvement and subsequent wedding in Goa in 2017. However, after four years together, the couple chose to part ways amicably in 2021.Naga Chaitanya’s clarification comes in the wake of Samantha’s emotional reaction during a music concert for the movie ‘Kushi’ on August 15. A video showing Samantha getting visibly moved upon hearing the song “Priyatama Priyatama” from the film, in which Naga Chaitanya stars, went viral. Samantha’s live performance with Vijay Deverakonda at the event garnered immense fan appreciation.

Currently, Samantha is on a hiatus from her acting career, dedicating time to her health and well-being. She is seeking treatment for her autoimmune condition, myositis, in the United States.The upcoming release of ‘Kushi’, starring Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda, is eagerly anticipated by fans. Scheduled for September 1, the movie will be presented in a grand fashion across five languages. As the movie’s release date approaches, the focus remains on the film itself, leaving behind the unfounded rumors that briefly stirred the entertainment landscape.

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