‘Pizza-3’ Marks Mohan Govind’s Film Debut

‘Pizza-3’ Marks Mohan Govind’s Film Debut
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After the success of the movie ‘Pizza,’ its makers decided to create a sequel with different filmmakers. Now, the third part of this popular franchise, titled ‘Pizza 3 The Mummy,’ is all set for release. Director Mohan Govind, who previously assisted CV Kumar, will be making his directorial debut with this film.

He promises that ‘Pizza 3 The Mummy’ will be a proper horror genre movie, unlike the first part, which had elements of comedy towards the end. According to Govind, the third installment will be an intense and emotional horror thriller that will connect with the audience.While the film has certain elements that link back to the previous two parts, the storyline is entirely unique. Ashwin Kakumanu and Pavithrah Marimuthu play the lead roles in the movie, and it also features Qureshi and Kali Venkat in important roles.

‘Pizza 3 The Mummy’ is produced by CV Kumar, with music composed by Arun Raj and cinematography handled by Prabhu Raghav

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