Unni Mukundan: Dreaming of a Kathanar-Gandharva Jr Spin-Off Reunion!

Unni Mukundan: Dreaming of a Kathanar-Gandharva Jr Spin-Off Reunion!
Source: Unni Mukundan Instagram

Unni Mukundan and Jayasurya recently had a delightful catch-up session where they discussed their highly anticipated upcoming projects. Unni Mukundan is set to star in the fantasy film ‘Gandharva Jr.’, while Jayasurya has an intriguing supernatural fantasy horror thriller titled ‘Kathanar’ in the works.The meeting between Unni Mukundan and Jayasurya was filled with excitement as they shared their enthusiasm for their respective films. Unni Mukundan even expressed his desire for the characters of ‘Gandharva Jr.’

and ‘Kathanar’ to meet onscreen, igniting the imagination of fans. In an Instagram post, Unni Mukundan shared a picture of their meeting and wrote, “Though we rarely get the chance to catch up, this time was the best! I had the privilege of flying with one of the finest actors in our country, Jayettan, who is fully invested in his magnum opus project, ‘Kathanar’. I wish him the best! As ‘Gandharva Jr.’

is shaping up remarkably well, I would be thrilled to see these two characters come together in the same frame. I know it’s an audacious desire, but why not dream big! Anyways, until we meet again, good luck, Jayetto @actor_jayasurya.”During the launch of ‘Gandharva Jr.’, Unni Mukundan shared his belief in the power of manifestation, stating that it serves as proof of the existence of a Supreme being. He expressed his fascination with historical evidence, the cosmos, and the supernatural.

Addressing his fans who had been eagerly anticipating his portrayal of Gandharva, he acknowledged their support and shared a beautiful edit that was sent to him years ago. Unni Mukundan promised more surprises and urged everyone to keep manifesting their dreams.With their intriguing projects on the horizon, Unni Mukundan and Jayasurya have generated significant anticipation among fans. Audiences are eagerly waiting to witness the magic they will bring to the screen in their respective films.

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