Vijay Deverakonda’s Powerful Defense: Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi’s Flops Explained

Vijay Deverakonda’s Powerful Defense: Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi’s Flops Explained
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Vijay Deverakonda, a prominent figure in Telugu cinema, as highlighted in an article by Suresh Kavirayani for The Times of India on March 31, 2023, shares his perspective on his film performances and the industry. Recognized for successes like “Arjun Reddy,” “Geetha Govindam,” and “Taxiwaala,” Vijay is also no stranger to setbacks such as “Dear Comrade” and “World Famous Lover.” In the article, Vijay emphasizes that he values the impact and emotional connection his movies create for the audience over mere box office numbers or reviews.

His outlook portrays a fearlessness towards failure, using it as a learning opportunity.Comparisons are drawn between Vijay’s approach and that of veteran stars like Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi, who’ve also experienced film flops in their illustrious careers. Mentioned are Rajinikanth’s films “Baba” and “Lingaa,” and Chiranjeevi’s “Andarivadu” and “Khaidi No. 150,” all of which faced box office challenges. The article suggests that the legacy and devoted fan base of these actors often lead to a more cautious and conservative selection of roles. In contrast, Vijay’s willingness to experiment with roles and genres sets him apart.The article proceeds to discuss Vijay’s upcoming ventures, most notably “Liger” and “Jana Gana Mana.” “Liger,” a multi-lingual film encompassing Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, features Vijay as a stuttering kickboxer alongside Ananya Panday.

This project, directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by Karan Johar, promises to be a pan-India cinematic experience. Additionally, the article mentions “Jana Gana Mana,” another collaboration between Vijay and Puri Jagannadh, characterized as an action-packed movie with patriotic themes. In this film, Vijay takes on the role of an army officer. Vijay Deverakonda’s versatility and self-assuredness as an actor, solidifying his standing as one of the most promising talents in the realm of Indian cinema.

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