118 Emojis Set to Arrive on Your Smartphone in the Near Future

118 Emojis Set to Arrive on Your Smartphone in the Near Future

Later this year, a new set of emojis is expected to be released, pending final approval in September 2023. While the list is still in the draft stage and subject to changes, it provides a glimpse of the potential emojis to come.

The proposed emojis include skin tone modifiers and gender variants, although the final number of emojis may be lower than initially anticipated. Among the draft list are emojis such as a lime, a head shaking vertically, and a phoenix bird. Additionally, four new gender-neutral family emojis are being considered, represented by silhouettes.Emojipedia, a reliable source for emoji information, has noted that actual designs may differ between different vendors.

They have a strong track record of accuracy in their previewed emojis, with no significant changes to the final draft list since 2019.It’s important to note that the availability of these emojis will likely coincide with the release of iOS 17, meaning they will initially be available on iPhones. However, other platforms may adopt them in the future.

While it’s unlikely that any new emojis will be added at this stage, there is a slight possibility that a draft emoji candidate could be altered or removed before the final approval in September, according to Emojipedia.Please keep in mind that this information is based on the current draft and is subject to change as the final approval process unfolds.

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