Ather Energy’s 450S Unleashes Affordable Innovation with an LCD Instrument Console

Ather Energy’s 450S Unleashes Affordable Innovation with an LCD Instrument Console
Source : Twitter

Ather Energy is set to launch the 450S electric scooter, a budget-friendly alternative to its popular 450X model. The 450S will feature a simplified LCD instrument console instead of the touchscreen unit found in the flagship 450X. While it may lack some advanced touch capabilities, the LCD console will still offer in-built navigation, document storage, and connectivity options. Bluetooth connectivity for call and SMS notifications may or may not be included.

In order to achieve affordability, Ather Energy has made certain adjustments to the 450S compared to its counterpart. It will come with a smaller 3 kWh battery pack, providing a range of 115 km (IDC) as opposed to the 146 km (IDC) range of the 450X. The top speed will remain the same at 90 kmph, and it will be powered by a 6.4 kW (8.58 bhp) electric motor with a peak torque output of 26 Nm. Visually, the 450S will closely resemble the 450X with minor cosmetic changes.

Ather Energy aims to revive its sales with the launch of the 450S, targeting customers who are looking for a more accessible option without compromising on performance and ride quality. The 450S will compete with electric scooters such as the Ola S1, TVS iQube, and Ampere Primus, as well as attracting customers considering 125 cc ICE-powered scooters in the market.

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