Free Fire 6th Anniversary: Celebrations Started!

Free Fire 6th Anniversary: Celebrations Started!
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Free Fire, the world-famous survival shooter game, is celebrating its sixth anniversary this month with a series of exciting in-game events and rewards. The game was officially founded on August 23, 2017, but the celebrations have already started from this weekend.

Here are some of the highlights of the anniversary festivities:

Color Cube Island

The main in-game attraction for the anniversary is the Color Cube Island, a massive floating island powered by a mysterious energy source. Players can access this island by completing a mission and get a chance to revive themselves in Battle Royale mode. The island also features carnival-themed Craftland events that will be refreshed weekly.

T.R.A.P. Chroma Series

T.R.A.P., the first and only virtual idol group in the Free Fire universe, is making a comeback with a new fashion range called T.R.A.P. Chroma Series. The group consists of Kelly, Antonio, Moco, and Tatsuya, who replaced Miguel as the newest member. The group also released a new theme song called “We Win”, which showcases their hip-hop style and their readiness for battle in Free Fire. The song has a music video that will be released on July 7. Players can get their hands on the T.R.A.P. Chroma Series character bundles, which include T.R.A.P. Chromablack Bundle, T.R.A.P. Chromawhite Bundle, T.R.A.P. Stage Bundle, and the T.R.A.P. Hip Bundle.

Free Rewards and Events

To thank the players for their support and loyalty, Free Fire is giving away free rewards and events throughout the anniversary period. Players can log in during the anniversary and take part in missions to collect free souvenirs and rewards, such as:

  • Awakened Alok bundle
  • AN94 gun skin
  • 6th Anniversary Celebration emote
  • Awakened Alok emblem
  • Alok-themed Motorbike Skin
  • Magic Cube

Players can also enjoy the 6th Anniversary Rank Protection event from July 7 to 17, which grants them immunity from losing stars or points in Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes. Another event to look out for is the Hat Relay starting July 14, which gifts players an exclusive sixth anniversary-themed hat.

Free Fire Max that you can use today, September 12, 2023, to get free rewards. Here they are:

  • F6I58UYT4752673
  • F8I69O958J41HG2
  • FFDAQ234R50Y7J3
  • F52F0TY3U6I5O41
  • F5J8U416T275J8
  • FR41Y72DXAQ234
  • F56Y78UHU8I9OP
  • FL69K8JH5Y10U2
  • F8I39O60PL2KJH
  • FG0FCXSA082363
  • FW34R5T26Y7U12J
  • F3658G4Y678UI5K
  • FJ4102ER556U8I4
  • FO1025Y674810O2
  • FY4U0IKL524HG10
  • FYU2I5K1JU8I59O

Free Fire Clash Squad SEA Cup Afterparty Showmatch

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Free Fire will also host a special showmatch featuring players from Southeast Asia competing in a unique anniversary-themed map. The showmatch will take place on July 23 and will be streamed live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel. Don’t miss this chance to watch some of the best players in action and cheer for your favorite team.

Free Fire’s sixth anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated by all. Join in on the fun and excitement and don’t forget to invite your friends to play with you. Free Fire, Battle In Style!

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