Global Instagram Outages Over: Platform Now Available for Users

Global Instagram Outages Over: Platform Now Available for Users
Source: Twitter

Instagram experienced a widespread outage, affecting users across the world. Numerous reports flooded Twitter and other social media platforms, with users complaining about posts not loading on both Android and iOS apps. Downdetector, an outage reporting site, registered over 150 user reports from India alone.

Meta, the company behind Instagram, has not disclosed the reason for the outage, leaving users in the dark about its cause. As the situation unfolded, over 100 people also reported the outage on DownDetector, adding to the growing list of impacted users.

Shortly before the Instagram outage, Meta’s messaging platform, WhatsApp, also faced a disruption, with users unable to send or receive messages. Fortunately, WhatsApp’s service was restored quickly.

This is not the first time Instagram has encountered an outage this year, marking the third instance of service disruption. In May, US users reported difficulties accessing the platform, while a similar situation occurred in March, affecting nearly 27,000 users.

As of now, Meta has not officially acknowledged the current outage, leaving users awaiting an official response from the tech giant. However, signs of recovery are evident, as Instagram starts to come back online, bringing relief to the affected global user base.

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