iPhone 13 price drops on Amazon and Flipkart, gets big discount 10 days before iPhone 15 launch

iPhone 13 price drops on Amazon and Flipkart, gets big discount 10 days before iPhone 15 launch

As of now, both Amazon and Flipkart are offering the iPhone 13 at a starting price of Rs 58,999, the lowest ever for this model. What’s more, this price is available without any bank-specific offers or conditions. Additionally, HDFC bank credit cardholders can snag the iPhone 13 for an even more attractive effective price of Rs 56,999 through Flipkart. While Amazon doesn’t feature a bank offer, both platforms provide exchange offers, allowing buyers to further reduce the cost by trading in their old devices. It’s important to note that the exchange value depends on the age and condition of the old device.

iPhone 13 Price Drop: Should You Wait for iPhone 15?

The impending launch of the iPhone 15 series has prompted many to wonder if they should delay their purchase of the iPhone 13. Leaked details suggest substantial improvements in terms of camera capabilities, chipset performance, design, and more for the iPhone 15. However, these enhancements could also translate into a higher price tag, potentially around Rs 80,000 or slightly more.

For those who crave the latest features and are willing to invest, waiting for the iPhone 15 might be a viable option. On the other hand, if you’re budget-conscious and prefer a more cost-effective choice, the iPhone 13 continues to be an attractive option.

A Note on the iPhone 14:

Interestingly, the iPhone 14, despite being a two-year-old 5G model, remains priced at over Rs 65,000 in India. It essentially mirrors its predecessor, the iPhone 13, which is currently available at a reduced rate. Since the iPhone 13 closely resembles the iPhone 14 in terms of camera, display, battery, and chipset performance, budget-conscious users may find the iPhone 13 to be a practical choice.

The decision to purchase the iPhone 13 or wait for the iPhone 15 ultimately depends on your priorities and budget. Those seeking the latest and greatest features may lean toward the iPhone 15, while those looking for a wallet-friendly option can confidently opt for the iPhone 13. Additionally, savvy consumers can choose to wait, as the price of the iPhone 13 is expected to remain competitive even after the iPhone 15 launch. Apple traditionally announces price reductions for older models, offering further value to prospective buyers. Currently, the iPhone 14 is officially listed on the Apple Store for Rs 79,900, while the iPhone 13 is priced at Rs 69,900.

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