Mystery Object on Australian Beach: Seems like a ISRO Rocket Component

Mystery Object on Australian Beach: Seems like a ISRO Rocket Component
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A colossal metal object that recently washed up on a beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia has sparked intrigue and speculation. The Australian Space Agency has expressed the possibility that the object could be a component of some country’s space launch vehicle.

Described as a massive copper-coloured cylinder, the object was found in a substantially damaged state, leaning on its side. Weather-worn and adorned with barnacles, it appears to have been submerged in the ocean for an extended period.

Initially treated as hazardous by the Western Australia police, further analysis by the fire department’s chemistry center revealed that the object poses no current risk to the community, ensuring public safety.

Interestingly, Science Alert raised the intriguing possibility that the object could be linked to India’s space endeavors. The shape and size of the object bear resemblance to the third-stage booster of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). This observation was backed by European Space Agency engineer Andrea Boyd, who suggested that the object might have originated from an Indian rocket launched over the Indian Ocean.

While the exact origins of the mysterious metal object are yet to be confirmed, the prospect of its connection to India’s space missions has sparked curiosity and interest among space enthusiasts and authorities alike. Investigations and assessments are underway to determine the object’s true identity and its journey across the seas to the shores of Western Australia.

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