YouTube Shorts Update: Turn Comments into Creative Shorts Videos Instantly!

YouTube Shorts Update: Turn Comments into Creative Shorts Videos Instantly!
Source: Twitter

YouTube is currently testing a new feature called “Viewer-Created Shorts featuring comments” among a select group of mobile users on Android and iOS platforms. Similar to TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram’s vertical feed formats, YouTube Shorts offers an endless stream of content. With this experiment, viewers can take a comment from a video they are watching and create a separate Shorts video from it.

There are a few caveats to this feature. Creators cannot control which comments viewers choose to turn into Shorts, and they won’t be notified when new content is created using their comments. The original commenter will also not receive any notifications about the Short created from their comment.The new Shorts created by viewers will appear on their channel’s home page in addition to the regular YouTube Shorts feed.

However, only a small percentage of Android and iOS users will have access to this test.Creators do have the option to prevent their comments from being turned into Shorts by disabling comments on their videos.

It remains uncertain if this experimental feature will have a wider release in the future, as YouTube doesn’t always publicize all of its experiments.Apart from this test, YouTube is also conducting other experiments, such as longer previews for YouTube Premium subscribers on the web while scrubbing through the seek bar. While some experiments have been well-received, others have faced criticism for fixing things that were not broken

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