Anand Mahindra’s Gesture of Gratitude: Gifting Praggnanandhaa’s Parents an Electric Car

Anand Mahindra’s Gesture of Gratitude: Gifting Praggnanandhaa’s Parents an Electric Car

Renowned industrialist Anand Mahindra, known for his affinity towards creative minds, recently shared on X, formerly Twitter, that he plans to gift an electric car to the parents of the young Indian Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa. This heartwarming gesture comes in recognition of Praggnanandhaa’s remarkable runner-up finish at the FIDE Chess World Cup.

Encouraging Talent and Positive Impact

Anand Mahindra’s Support for Creative MindsAnand Mahindra has consistently displayed his support for individuals with innovative prowess. This time, he responded to the suggestions on Twitter, where many users urged him to gift Praggnanandhaa a Thar in acknowledgment of his chess achievements. Mahindra expressed his alternative idea, emphasizing the significance of introducing children to chess and nurturing their passion for this intellectual game, despite the popularity of video games.

A Unique Gift Proposal

Shaping a Brighter FutureMahindra proposed gifting an XUV4OO EV (Electric Vehicle) to the parents of R Praggnanandhaa, Shrimati Nagalakshmi, and Shri Rameshbabu. This gesture aims to appreciate their dedication in supporting their son’s chess journey and nurturing his passion. Just as electric vehicles are investments in a better future for the planet, Mahindra sees supporting chess as a similar investment, fostering young minds and critical thinking.

Unified Efforts and Special Recognition

CEO Joins the InitiativeMr. Mahindra included Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director and CEO at Mahindra & Mahindra, in the conversation. Mr. Jejurikar expressed congratulations to Praggnanandhaa for his exceptional achievement and endorsed Mahindra’s idea of recognizing the chess prodigy’s parents. He suggested an All Electric SUV XUV400 as a perfect choice for this recognition. The special edition and delivery of this electric SUV will be coordinated by the Mahindra team.

A Gesture of Joy and Impact

Spreading Happiness and InspirationThe tweet has garnered significant attention, amassing 128,200 views on Twitter. Users have shared their appreciation for the heartwarming moment, with one noting the priceless joy on the parent’s faces. Anand Mahindra’s thoughtful gesture not only brings happiness but also highlights the importance of supporting young talents and fostering their passions for a brighter future.

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