Bengaluru’s Walking Enthusiast Draws India Map Through 73 Km Expedition

Bengaluru’s Walking Enthusiast Draws India Map Through 73 Km Expedition

The Unique Journey:

Vikas Ruparelia shared a captivating video where he can be seen walking through the IT city while proudly waving the tricolour flag. In the video, he revealed a screenshot of the map of India that he meticulously traced within the city limits. This feat was accomplished by walking an impressive 73 kilometres in a span of 13 hours and 25 minutes. Ruparelia’s gesture was a fitting tribute to India’s Independence Day celebration.

Personal Triumph and Gratitude:

Sharing his remarkable achievement on X, Ruparelia expressed his gratitude towards his friends and family for their encouragement and support. He admitted to his initial doubts about successfully completing the challenge in a single day. However, his determination prevailed, turning the endeavor into an exhilarating adventure. His caption read, “Did this GPS art by walking within Bengaluru, Jai Hind! Happy Independence Day.

Innovative Technology and Acknowledgment:

Vikas Ruparelia relied on the Strava app to navigate and execute his mapped route. The Strava app, known for its GPS tracking features, is widely used by individuals to monitor their running and biking activities while participating in various challenges. Ruparelia’s accomplishment, posted just a few days ago, quickly garnered more than 7,100 views and numerous likes and comments.

Inspiring Reactions and Admiration:

Internet users were quick to applaud Ruparelia’s inspiring journey, deeming it “amazing” and “inspiring.” One user requested the route details for those seeking to emulate his impressive feat. Bill Gates’ recent praise of a Bengaluru-based postal worker, among other intriguing stories, has demonstrated that the city is no stranger to capturing headlines and leaving social media users intrigued.

Vikas Ruparelia’s creative celebration of Independence Day has left a lasting impact, showcasing both his dedication and innovative spirit. His use of GPS technology to trace India’s map while waving the national flag stands as a testament to the ever-evolving ways in which people can express their patriotism. This unique venture has not only earned admiration but also showcased the unity and pride that Indians hold for their country.

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