Snake Charmers Release Snakes on Chambal Express After Argument with Passengers in India

Snake Charmers Release Snakes on Chambal Express After Argument with Passengers in India
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Four snake charmers caused chaos on a train in India after they released their snakes in a compartment following an argument with passengers over their earnings.

The incident took place on the Chambal Express, which runs between Howrah and Gwalior, on Saturday, September 9. The snake charmers boarded the train at Banda station in Uttar Pradesh and began their performance in an unreserved compartment.

After the performance, some of the passengers refused to pay the snake charmers, who then got into a heated argument with them. The snake charmers eventually released their snakes in the compartment, which caused panic among the passengers.

One of the passengers, Dheeraj Kumar, told the Hindustan Times that the snake charmers released two cobras and a python. He said that the snakes were slithering around the compartment and that people were screaming and trying to climb onto the upper berths.

The incident lasted for about 30 minutes before the snake charmers caught the snakes and got off the train at Mahoba station. The Government Railway Police (GRP) at Mahoba said that they are investigating the matter.

This is not the first time that snake charmers have caused chaos on a train in India. In 2019, a group of snake charmers released a cobra on a train in Madhya Pradesh after they were refused money. The cobra bit a passenger, who was later hospitalized.

Snake charming is a traditional practice in India, but it is illegal to keep snakes without a permit. The government has been trying to discourage snake charming, but the practice continues to exist in some parts of the country.

The incident on the Chambal Express is a reminder of the dangers of snake charming. Snakes are wild animals and can be unpredictable. It is important to be cautious around snakes and to avoid interacting with them.

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