Perfect Combination of Romance and Comedy – Watchman Part 1

Perfect Combination of Romance and Comedy – Watchman Part 1

“Watchman Part 1” is a recently released web series on the popular streaming platform Ullu App. The comedy-drama series has been well-received by both fans and critics for its engaging storytelling and captivating performances. The first three episodes of the series were released on January 31, 2023, and the remaining episodes are expected to be released soon.

The series features Taniya Chatterjee, Arita Paul, Priya Gamre, and Pihu Singh in the lead roles. “Watchman Part 1” comprises 5-6 episodes, each with a duration of 25-30 minutes.

The storyline of the series revolves around the lives of watchmen working in a society. In the first episode, one of the watchmen is seen ogling at the women living in the society and making wrong assumptions about their character. The episode also introduces Tanu (Taniya Chatterjee), a high-class lady living in the society, who accidentally drops her bra from the balcony. The watchman is asked to deliver it to her, and he imagines a romantic session with her.

In the second episode, Laali (Pihu Singh), a local maid in the society, is introduced, and both the watchmen try to impress her. One of the watchmen forces himself on her in an empty room, adding a twist to the storyline.

In the third episode, Priya Gamre tries to seduce one of the watchmen, adding a cliffhanger to the series. The creators have shown her disdain for married life as she reads a love letter written by a watchman and creates a video show for her husband.

The web series is reminiscent of Ullu’s previous series, “Jalebi Bai,” where a bai (maid) was the focus of the story. “Watchman Part 1” promises to be an exciting addition to Ullu’s collection of web series, following the success of “Imli,” which featured Nehal Vadoliya in a key role.

“Watchman Part 1” is a must-watch for fans of comedy-drama series. The series is available for streaming on the official Ullu App. With an exciting storyline and talented cast, the series promises to keep viewers engaged and entertained until the very end.

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