Raksha Bandhan 2023’s Viral ‘QR Code’ Mehendi Video

Raksha Bandhan 2023’s Viral ‘QR Code’ Mehendi Video
Source: Instagram Page

With the rapid surge in smartphone usage, digital payments have emerged as a pivotal aspect of India’s financial landscape. The convenience of scanning QR codes for transactions has gained prominence, eliminating the need for manual entry of bank details. A viral video capturing a “peak digital moment” during Raksha Bandhan is captivating social media, showcasing a man seemingly making payments to his sister by scanning a mehendi-art QR code on her hand.

The video showcases the woman’s intricate mehendi design, which resembles a QR code, being scanned by her brother using an iPhone. The initial disbelief of the man gradually transforms into astonishment as the payment interface appears on the screen, leading him to exclaim in sheer surprise. To witness this intriguing spectacle, one can view the video firsthand.

Initially, users marveled at the mehendi artist’s skill in crafting a QR-code-like design on the woman’s hand. However, upon closer scrutiny, a few details were brought to light. The person operating the mobile device isn’t genuinely scanning a QR code; instead, the mobile phone is playing a pre-recorded video in which the QR code is already visible.

This sentiment was echoed in the comments shared by other viewers:

“For a moment, I believed it was genuine artistry, then I realized it’s a video,” quipped one user.

“Don’t worry, folks, it’s just some video editing magic at play,” reassured another commenter.

“While everyone is in awe, did you even notice the video playing in the gallery? Maybe a quick eye check is in order,” humorously pointed out a third user.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by a mehendi artist named Yash. The caption accompanying the video clarifies that the QR code is purely decorative and non-functional, intended solely for entertainment purposes.

Yash clarified the nature of the content, stating, “I combined a mehndi video with a payment transaction screen recording to create this effect. The mehndi QR code cannot be used for actual payments.”

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