10 Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day In 2021

By The News Voice

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International Women's day which is celebrated on 8th March is all about celebrating the women around the world, their achievements, raise awareness about women's equality, and more...

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In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it a day that celebrates womanhood.  Women are the embodiment of Bold, Strong, Passionate and Independent.


While this year will be little different because of pandemic but You can celebrate the women's day a new different way. You can spend the day with your close ones. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy your day to the fullest.


Organize a little Get together with for all your friends or colleagues, enjoy your evening with food, discussions and women-centric movies.

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You can go out for shopping spree with your best friends and have a day out.


You can make this day more memorable by spending the day with you mother. Take her to a movie, Cook with her, take her out to eat and spend quality time with her.


You can spend this day by relaxing at home or going out alone, spending time with yourself which you rarely get to do.. You can read a book, go out to eat or to a park.

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If you haven't had sleepover in ages because of all the work, this is your time to enjoy. Have a  slumber party with all your close friends with fast food and lots of gossip.


Organize  a movie marathon and watch women-led films from Bollywood and Hollywood with buckets of popcorn and cold drinks.


You can plan an intimate dinner party at home with your favorite ladies, cooking their favorite  dishes, decorating your home.


You can schedule a zoom meeting with your BFFs and do a virtual party with mock-tails, good food  and gossiping with the friends from all around the world.


These are some the awesome ideas to celebrate your International women's day different. We hope you spend your day happily.