Daily Horoscope

29 March 2021

By Samir Jain

Aries 21 March to 20 April

Your performance at work will impress your seniors. You may find yourself with new responsibilities. You might get good news in legal issues.

Taurus 21 April to 20 May

Arguing over worthless things will only waste your time. Investments made in past will get you gains. Confidence will help you complete tasks.

Gemini 21 May to 21 June

You might be dissatisfied with your current situation but be patient. Take care of your parents. Don't take rash decisions.

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

You may go for short trip for your work. Important projects can be completed with the help of colleagues and friends. You will reach target easily with right focus.

Leo 23 July to 23 August

There might be messy tasks for you. Your conscience will not let it affect your reputation. Your health will be good and give you self confidence and inner strength.

Virgo 24 August to 24 September

You may invest in family business for expansion. Your social services will be appreciated. Promotions are a possibility. Losses may convert to profits.

Libra 24 September to 23 October

Arrogance is not a good look. It will end with loss. Lovers need to choose arguments carefully. You might be disappointed today.

Scorpio 24 October to 22 November

You might take important decisions in terms of marriage. You may have new position at work. Your losses will convert to gains today.

Sagittarius 23 November to 21 December

You may invest in business. Income will boost finances. You may find harmony at home. Lovers may decide to get married. Singles may find a good match.

Capricorn 22 December to 20 January

You may visit religious places with your family. You may donate to charities. You might go for an overseas trip for work. Your health will be good.

Aquarius 20 January to 21 February

Lovers should avoid arguments. Avoid rash driving. Controversies are bad for you. Find the will and stay away from the conspiracies.

Pisces 20 February to 21 March

You will be busy with your personal life. Your spouse will reach to an understanding with you. You may have peace in your mind. Your focus towards goals will be good.

This is how your today has been predicted by your stars.  Tune back in for tomorrow's Horoscope.

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