6 Best Things About Outer World

By The News Voice


The Outer Worlds is an action RPG (role-playing game) developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released in  October 2019. One of the most anticipated and hyped game, The Outer Worlds is popular with the fans of Fallout series.


Set in futuristic world, in which humankind has begun to colonize other planets, this sci-fi game T is one of its own kind. With a great story-line that will entice you, owning a ship, shooting and great characters are just some of the plus points of this game.


One of the best things about this game is the  the characters and writing are perfect and interesting that they pull players towards the game. with perfect humor, such well thought but complex personalities the game doen't bore.


The Outer World game is filled with colorful palette, it does not disappoint, it has such unique colorful and vibrant alien worlds filled with unique and imaginative fauna,  and aesthetics that mesmerize us with its setting and lore.


The Outer worlds has great interface. Its menus and UI is amazing better then fallout.The control schemes are great, the inventory management system is simple and intuitive which makes it easier for the players to move around and make adjustments.,


The outer games skill system is perfect and better then Fallout's which has made the fans overjoyed. Every skills and perks you choose to invest in are important as they’ll shape the outcome of fights in the game.


Obsidian while making this game has not held back from giving the true experience of role playing in The Outer worlds. This game is your adventure from the start to finish, It gives you true role playing and freedom.


The Outer Worlds has  amazing art and attention to details have been gives in the mission but apart from that its feels cosy, inviting with huge and sprawling content that will keep you immersed for weeks.


If you love Sci-fi games based on space, RPG, similar to fallout and Skyrim, This game is for you. It is worth playing every minute.


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