Applications of DNA Tasting

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DNA testing is a method that takes samples of a person’s DNA, which could be their hair, fingernail, skin, or blood, to analyze the structure of that person’s genome. It has many uses and applications, they are s follows.


This is probably one of the most common uses DNA tasting offers. A paternity test is the most definitive way of confirming a child’s paternity through comparing the DNA of the child with his parents.

Paternity Testing:



Archaeologists are now using DNA tests to keep a record of genetic codes, with this the  progression of life on earth dating back centuries. By profiling the DNA of living organisms, scientists have proved genetic mutation and evolution and origin of species.


With the help of prenatal genetic tests doctors can now assess whether or not the unborn fetus will have health problems. Doctors can also use DNA testing to assess the probability of risk of certain genetic diseases,

Prenatal Genetic Tests:


A DNA test can also be used as part of a search for your genetic ancestors. Many people are now using DNA tests to establish the ethnic origins of their DNA and ancestors which can be dated back hundreds of years.

Finding Genetic Ancestors:


Criminal Investigations:

DNA tests are now being widely used in criminal investigations. In cases with repeat offenders, police are able to store DNA profiles and compare them with the samples of other unsolved crimes.


In the spectrum of space research, scientists are also conducting DNA tests on new species and unidentified articles from outer space. This can be a vital link in establishing origins and connections to existing life forms.


Many people are using DNA tasting to track down long lost relatives. By analyzing a person’s DNA, matches can be established,which may help in families to be reunited and relationships renewed.


As DNA technology evolving, so are the  advances in its use of testing. The accessibility and widespread use means that the testing is also becoming cheaper.


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