7 Basics of Sony PlayStation 5 you  need to know

By the News Voice

The much anticipated PlayStation 5 or PS5 is the next generation in Sony Console, was released November 2020, which is the most criticaly acclaimed PS line of gaming console of sony

The PlayStation 4,  its predecessor, is one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, selling over 110 million units till May 2020. So far PS5 has sold over 5 million  units in few months

The Sony PS 5 is a big jump from PS4, having more powerful spacs and a space age design. Its main compititors are the Xbox Series X and  Series S.

Their are two PS5 Models,  The regular PlayStation 5 and The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Though they share identical specs, The Digital edition won't have  a disc drive.

The custom SSD hard drive is the secret weapon of PS5., It will include a solid state drive that is way faster then the current gen and quite faster then any hard drives that many of us have.

The PlayStation 5 controller, The Dualsense,  features the new futuristic black and white design that matches the console itself. Its the biggest design departure  from any PS controller to date..

DualSense Controller has great haptic and trigger buttons with slick and adventurous design it makes the gaming experience more fun.

The PS5 is backward compatible with nearly every single game from PS4 library.  Which is really an amazing feature which the gamers are happy about.

As the newest gaming console in the market with such an amazing specs, features and design is what makes it different from other gaming consoles.