7 Important Social Skills Children Must Know

By The News Voice

Social Skills play critical element in helping children succeed socially, emotionally personally as well as emotionally. Good social skill allow child to interact better with peer groups


Children should  be willing to share with friends and family. A willingness to share toy or a snack can go long way in helping them


Social skills such as actively listening to others and what they are saying actually observing them can be beneficial in building a positive relation.

Following  Directions.

Following directions is an ability to properly listen and understand instructions and follow it in timely manner.

Making  Contact

Having a Good contact is an important part of the communication skill.


Cooperating means working together with other kids to achieve something. Kids who cooperate are respectful, also they contribute, participate, and help out.

Taking Turns

Learning to turn-take involves alternating between two or more people. As an important skill it installs courtesy and respect in child during conversations and other activities.

Using Manners

Using table manners, saying thank you and sorry, speaking politely, having positive attitude towards parents, friends, peers and teachers can help child grow up more socially respectable and well mannered child

Children are unique. T Each Children has his own way of leaning such social skills but it is the duty of parents to guide them for better for there better future.