7 Instagram Filter Games You Can play Anytime


Instagram is not a gaming app. But it has not stopped creative minds from Creative games that can be played anytime on your Instagram through its feature of  stories.


Paca paca (by @yana.mishkinis)


The classic Pacman can be played on Instagram on with this filter but this time to play it with your head movement.  Isn't it fun!


Soccer Head (by @wowfilterscom)

In real life juggling a soccer ball is difficult, but juggling an AR  soccer ball is not any better. This game is fun but you need to practice and hone your skill first. so are you ready?


Try To Draw (by @dormwell)

In this filter game you have to draw AR provided image with your nose movement in five seconds. Go on, have fun!

Motogame (by @sangexd)


This game is similar to the motorbike games that you play at arcade, here you just have to use your head to control movement. this game is fun to play. Its easy and good exercise as well!

Who is more___? (by @vamonke)

This game is simple and fun.  Their is no right or wrong answer just whether both players heads goes in to the right direction.


PacMan by @burgerkingbrasil

Another version of  classic Pacman from Burger King Brasil. But this time you have eat burgers and whoppers with crown on your head. Lot of head exercise


Vision INEXT AR game by BMW

This game is all about car racing in the city with BMW's new car INEXT.


There are many more games to play in Instagram stories. Hundreds of different creative, fun game are introducing each day. So go on and play with your family and friends