7 Interesting Facts about FAU-G

By The News Voice

Fearless and United Guards is an online multiplayer action game developed by nCore Games, Banglore on 26 Jan 2021.

The game was launched on 26th January, Republic Day in order to give tribute to Indian Army.

FAU-G is not a battle royale game but its based on different episodes filled with various missions. But it also offers a multi-player mode.

The Indian army inspires this game, thus the characters may likely will come dressed as Indian Army, even the mission will be as well from the locations of indian borders.

FAU-G received over 1 million registrartion when it went on pre-registrations on google Play in 24 hours. And before launch over 5 million registrations were done.

The first mission in the game is based in the Galwan Valley. Playing this game puts you in the shoes of Indian Army soldiers and you get to experience it.

This game has been hyped up since the ban on Pub-G mobile, , as  the game is called its rival.  The hype is more pumped up by the actor Akshay Kumar as its called his brainchild which has been in development since May.

FAU-G is only available only for Android users via the Google Play Store for now. The game will later be made available on the iOS platform.

FAU-G is so popular that it topped the free game ranking on the play store after launching. So, have you played the game yet?