7 Little Know Facts About Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 

By the News Voice

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a 2019 first-person shooter video game published by Activism which is still fondly talked about.· 

With a fantastic story line and possibly the best online mode out of the entire series , Modern Warfare 2 has huge support . Here are 7 things you never knew about this amazing game

Call Of Duty had an impressive opening day with incredible sales of nearly 5 million copies sold in 24 hours were reported.

The game sold over 14 million copies worldwide and it went on to become the second-best-selling video game in the history of the U.K, which is a huge achievement for any game.

legendary composer, Hans Zimmer  who has given hits like The lion king and Pirates of The Caribbean created the main theme for the Video Game. He is the greatest compositor  odfall time that is why i his contribution is a huge thing for the game 

A six-part comic book series was created and sold at the same time video game was released for promotion purpose. It was being based upon the popular video game that provided fans with even more detail than the game itself provided.

In the game if you use a nuke,  you get tons of kills, especially in the online game.  But as  a Easter egg, veterans may have noticed chickens actually survive the nuke blasts. Another one would be throughout the map, teddy bears are strewn all around, which makes no sense. 

Only in a year COD croosed the 1 billion mark in terms of revenue. a lot of game sell million of copies and become successful but crossing 1 billion mark in sales worldwide is an incredible achievement that COD has got.

COD PC and Mobile, both games are one of the best games ever created with massive following. For more of such trivia stories , follow The News Voice.