7 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Good For Brain

By The News Voice

From action packed strategy games to shooter game, we love a good game. Luckily there are many benefits of playing video games that will encourage you to play them.

when you navigate in a virtual gaming universe it helps in applying the same in navigating in real life as well.

Its proven in a study that playing video games everyday helps in improving our memory in everyday life.

On top of improving our memory, games also help us in visualizing  space better. According a study, shooter video games can help you improve how you think about objects in three dimensions such as distance and size.

And not only your vision but your perception is also improved which is a valuable benefit.

High-action video games can also improve your ability to distinguish patterns and different shades of gray.

Fast paced games like Call of Duty, Need for speed even game like Fortnite requires you to make quick decisions on spot, this skill of faster decision making is beneficial in your professional and personal life.

Video games can be a great way to relax and unwind. Playing simple games like Flappy bird, Angry birds can help in improving you mood and further relaxing you.

According to a study strategic and role-playing games challenge players to solve complex problems and this virtual problem-solving serves as great practice for real-life issues.

When you are playing a video game , your brain is working and growing, it means you are learning new things every minute of it. And as well as simulating you brain to be curious.

Video games are beneficial for your mental, physical and social health with helping with your memory to navigation. so when someone says its not healthy,  Don't be guilty.