7 Things Dads Can Do Better Than Moms

By The News Voice

Moms are generality considered default parents but there are some things where dads has outdone moms. Dads are usually great at understanding kids and handling few situations.

Dads are great at giving shoulder rides to their kids. Most kids would  say their best seats are at dad's soulders.

Kids love it when their dad's takes them on some outdoor adventure, be it a ride to park, or skiing. They think dad's do it best.

When it comes to reading the job falls on to daddies. Dads are much better at impersonating characters in a story, making funny sounds, and imitate animal voices.

The Job of spoiling hen silly goes to Daddies. If daddies aren't the ultimate person to spoil his little princess and prince, then who would?

Daddies are always reassuring, telling kids that its not a big deal and handling a situation calmly while looking at the larger picture.

Daddies are the master at fun playing, dad himself becomes kid when playing with all the vrooms and booms making it more entertaining.

Daddies makes such an important impact on the kids, They are the role models of their children. According to studies done. Dads who are involved in their lives do better in school, have better language development, and fewer behavioral problems.

Aren't daddies amazing? well both mom and dad play important roles in a child’s development, and both of them rock in their own ways.

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