8 Fun Facts About Angry Birds

By the News Voice


Angry Birds, one of the most popular games of all time was launched in 2009. Its a casual puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment.


Angry Birds was the first mobile game to hit one billion downloads. And till 2019, after 10 years the makers claim it has been downloaded more than 4.5 billion times. It was even downloaded in the remotest areas of Antarctica.


Angry Birds was made by a team of just four people and it was completed over a period of eight months with £70,000 cost of making.


The pig was decided upon as the Bird’s enemy because  Swine Flu had risen during the time the game was being developed!


A game tester of the Rovio company was so bad at all the angry birds games that he was nicknamed as 'Rovio Killer'.


The villains of the Angry Birds, piggies  have their own game,  called the ‘Bad Piggies.’ The game allows users to control the pigs and help steal eggs from the Angry Birds.


The mobile game Angry Bird franchise is so famous and popular that the company has managed to open up other avenues to increase its popularity and revenue.


There are movies based on angry birds which was very successful in box office. Books, toys, clothes, and other merchandise are available as well for all the fans who loves Angry Birds.


By these facts, we are pretty sure now that everyone has played the Angry Birds at least ones in their life. Have you?


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