A Child With Covid 19? Here's Some Home Guidelines

By Vaibhavi Dahake

24 April 2021

Reletively unaffected by the first wave of covid last year, Many children have been tested positive  during this second wve of Covid 19. This large surge of positive cases has left the parents of children helpless.

While there is no vaccine yet for children. and little information on how to treat the children by the government. Here are some of the guidelines for parents to follow if your child is covid positive.

1. Keep the child in a well sanitized room in a clean and sterilized environment so the chances of the child getting better quickly are more..

Guidelines for COVID-19 positive child

2. Keep the child in a well-ventilated room with an attached toilet. 3.  Keep the child away from elderly, pregnant women, other children, and persons with co-morbidities.

4. Assign a dedicated caregiver. to take care of the child full time. They need full attention 5.  Keep them well-hydrated with water or glucose or juice. Take care of their apatite

6. Newborns can be breastfed after the mother observes a hand hygiene routine, and wears a mask. 7.  If required, COVID-19 positive mother can give expressed milk to the child via the caregiver.

8. No social gatherings or visitors should be allowed in the house. 9.  Dedicated linen and eating utensils should be used for the child and kept separately.

Wear surgical masks, gloves at all time. Use gloves when dealing with bodily fluids and don't come in contact with it. Use fresh linen and cloths which are sanitized.

Parents should take of their hygiene when dealing the kids. 

In the absence of any definitive therapy, social distancing, wearing masks, and hand washing are still the gold standard in prevention of disease among this age group

children showing mild symptoms should be home quarantined for 14 days.

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