Yahoo! Answers  to permanently shut down!!

APR 7, 2021

By Anandi Yalavarthi


Yahoo! was once one of the most popular websites in United States. It used to offer a variety of sites and services most of which are now out of order.


Yahoo Answers will be shutting down permanently. Questions can be submitted till April 20 and the site will be taken down by May 4.



This isn't the first time Yahoo has shut down pieces of itself to cut costs and maintain relevance.

Yahoo has been a part of Verizon from 2017 sold for nearly USD 5 billion. A new entity called Oath Inc. is formed after merging assets with AOL.


Following the merge, Yahoo disclosed the largest breaches reported to date occurred in 2014. Verizon re-negotiated by reducing price by 350 million dollars.


Yahoo Answers was first launched in 2005 and was a source for many memes due to ill-worded questions and answers. Regardless, it was quite popular in early days of internet.


But when Google and it's products like Search and Gmail launched, it changed how people used the internet.


Though the concept of public Q&A's hasn't gone away. Reddit and Quora platforms serve this purpose and entertain large user base.


In a letter to it's users, Yahoo said, it has decided to shift it's resources from Yahoo Answers to focus on different products that better deliver on the promise of providing trusted content.


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