By Vaibhavi Dahake


Best Air Conditioner Brands In India 2021

April 19, 2021

Summer Has already started. A good AC will make your summer days feel like heaven, anything less than that will tend to ruin your whole day. To help you out we have prepared this list of the top Ac brand in India with their top models.



With the motto of making people’s ‘Life Good’ this South Korean brand has one of the best and affordable variety of Ac's with eco-friendly quality. – LG L-Nova Plus, 1 Ton, 5 Star (Upto Rs. 30,000) – LG LWA18CPXA, 1.5 Ton, 3 Star,  (Upto Rs. 32,000)


Hitachi AC's

AC brand trusted by consumers from Japann, Hitachi is a popular for its affordable price range and numerous choices for middle-class families in India.  – Hitachi RAV518HTD Summer QC, (Upto Rs. 37,000 –Hitachi Split AC  (Upto Rs. 44, 000)


Voltas AC's

Voltas is an Indian company that is from TATA enterprise and is trusted by its users, It has good reputation.  – Voltas 123CZA 1 Ton 3 Star Split (Up to Rs. 30,000) –Voltas Jade 185 JY 1.5 Ton  (Upto Rs. 45, 000)


Blue Star AC's

Blue Star Limited, an Indian company, with a good name in manufacturing industry. with budget friendly range. –Blue Star (3HW18AATU), 1.5 Ton (Up to Rs. 35,000) –Blue Star (5W18LC), 1.5 Ton (Upto Rs. 27, 000)


Whirlpool AC's

Whirlpool is another popular brand, has nstant cooling, energy-saving AC's with Smart features. Whirlpool 3D Cool, 1 Ton, 3 Star, (Up to Rs. 35,000) Whirlpool Magicool COPR 5S, 1.5 Ton (Upto Rs. 27, 000)


Godrej AC's

Godrej is trusted name when it comes to Indian AC companies. They offer many varieties of Ac. Godrej GIC 12YTC5-WTA 1 Ton, (Up to Rs. 33,000) Godrej GSC 18 AMINV 3 RWQM 1.5 Ton (Upto Rs. 36, 000)


Daikin AC's

Daikin is a brand from Japan and is very popular for its air conditioners Daikin ETF50RRV161, 1.5 Ton (Up to Rs. 40,000) Daikin FTKD 71 FVM, 2.2 ton (Upto Rs. 58,, 000)


Haier AC's

Known for its electric appliances, The Chinese company has variety of AC's with smart features like self clean technology. Haier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Convertible Inverter Split AC (Up to Rs. 35,000)


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