'Black fungus' In Covid Patients: Symptoms

By Vaibhavi Dahake

10 May 2021

A new fungus called  'black fungus'  also known as Mucormycosis is being reported in Covid 19 patients who are recovering and also those who have recovered.

It has been reported in persons who are recovering or have recovered from Covid-19, which is treatable but if left untreated, the "black fungus" infection can lead to loss of vision. Here are the symptoms and things you need to know.

According to the government advisory This fungle infection is fetal if left untreated. Its triggered by Covid 19 but is casued by molds called mucormycetes that are widely found in the environment.

Warning sign and symptoms

Common symptoms are Covid 19 patients carrying this fungus may start noticing pain and redness around eyes and/or nose, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, bloody vomits and altered mental status.

Symptoms of sinus and brain mucormycosis are: One-sided facial swelling Headache Nasal or sinus congestion Fever Shortness of Breath

Symptoms of skin mucormycosis are: Skin mucormycosis on the skin often looks like blisters or ulcers. The infected area may turn black. Pain, Warmth, Excessive redness, Swelling around the wound

The symptoms of mucormycosis or black fungus usually appear two-three days after a person has recovered from the Covid-19 infection, sometimes it appears when the patient is recovering.

Mucormycosis is not contagious, as the "black fungus" infection can’t spread between people or between people and animals. And it's removed with surgery most of the time.

India has reported several cases of mucormycosis among Covid-19 recovered and recovering patients, causing blindness or other serious issues, Mostly in Gujrat, Delhi, and Maharashtra.

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