Call Of Duty: Black Ops  Tips and Tricks

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, the latest from the Call Of Duty series released in 2020


This new Cold War and Warzone is one of the biggest expansions in the Call of Duty game, the new additions includes maps, game modes, weapons and operations. This is one of the best, popular game, quite a bit overwhelming game so here are some tips to master it.


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Learn the Maps

Its one of the most important aspect is to learn the map so it will be easier to maneuver around during missions.Each map has its own common routes, camping spots, blind corners, and vantage points.

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Upgrading the guns

You have to tailor you gear up to your play style. As you use your weapons its important to upgrade your guns and new advanced attachments to help you with an extra edge in your game


Use of audio

Use the sound to your advantage while playing the game. The audio of other players actions such as sound of footsteps, gunshots can track the movement, you can take advantage with your alertness.


Play the Objective

Playing the objective on the screen can help you gain more kills or win more gain. It helps tracking the mission goal with objective locations so you stay in the middle of action



The communication with the team is extremely important in the Call of Duty multiplayer game as you face more challenging and experienced opponents.


when you roam the maps, avoid traveling through highly populated areas. You may notice that all of the maps encourage you to meet in the middle. Instead, outsmart your opponents by scouting on outskirts and picking on the players one by one.


With these tips you can rank decently in the scoreboard and competition. experimenting with the equipment and more practice can level up your skills.

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