ChatGTP Launched New AI to Detect AI or Human Generated Text

By The News Voice

OpenAI has released a software tool to identify AI-generated text.

ChatGPT, a free text generation program, has gained popularity since its debut in November.

The AI classifier aims to distinguish human-written from AI-written text.

The classifier is still in public beta mode and has limitations.

OpenAI is releasing the tool to get feedback on its usefulness.

The topic of identifying AI-written text has been a point of discussion among educators.

Some US school districts have banned ChatGPT over concerns of cheating or plagiarism.

Third-party detection tools have been created to help detect AI-generated text.

OpenAI is engaging with educators to discuss ChatGPT's capabilities and limitations.

The AI classifier uses a variety of providers to address issues such as misinformation and academic dishonesty.

The tool is unreliable on texts under 1,000 characters.

AI-written text can be edited to trick the classifier.

OpenAI recognizes the limits and impacts of AI-generated text classifiers in the classroom.

OpenAI will continue to work on the detection of AI-generated text.

The release of the AI classifier is a step towards addressing the concerns raised by ChatGPT's popularity.

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