Classy Ways to Style a Polo

BY: The News Voice

The collar on the polo should be open by default. It isn't a styling move but a design with no buttons on the collar.

Individually, the suit and a polo shirt are pretty standards for men line-up. But together, they're classic .

"Bold, block striped polos are just the thing to raise interest."

In summer, everyone's got that glow: tan. The darker your complexion, the lighter tones you can pull off and vice versa.

If you are pale and still want to rock a white polo, team it with enough contrast.

This combination of polo and a pleated skirt is the right amount of cheeky and gorgeous.

For the brisk fall weather, look for one that's more of a thin sweater than a cotton tee.

Keep it simple with a skinny jeans and a plain polo tee.

It's official that polo is back and better than ever with all the trending styles and designs

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