FAQs on Core Web Vitals and Page Experience

What are the metrics? What's the relevance to users?

User-centric metrics help understand, measure and improve user experience of a website. Further the metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay measure few page experiences.

My website is mobile-friendly, why are my Core Web Vitals low on mobile?

Page experience measures experience of users interacting with web page. Core Web Vitals is one of the aspect in it along with mobile-friendliness. They are not meant to overlap but additive to provide holistic picture of page experience.



What are the benefits of every page hitting thresholds?

Thresholds are like guidelines for an optimal user experience. They will provide better experience for users that visit your site. In long term, working with shared metrics and thresholds can sustain healthy web ecosystem.

Will the AMP pages built meet the recommended thresholds?

The initial design goals of AMP pages are aligned with Core Web Vitals measure. It's also important to note that things outside of AMP's control can result in pages not meeting thresholds, like slow server response and un-optimized images.


Can a site meet the recommended thresholds without using AMP?

Yes. You can take a look at guidelines at web.dev/vitals to see how to optimize your performance against Core Web Vitals. AMP pages have these best practices burned into their framework.

If my site is a PWA, will it meet recommended thresholds?

Core web vitals are complimentary to a good PWA. Every site, PWA or not, should focus on loading experience, interactivity and layout stability.

Can a single page application meet required thresholds?

Core Web Vitals measures the user experience. The architecture of your site doesn't matter in terms of providing user experience.


How do I improve LCP/CLS/FID score?

You can find recommendations on how to improve your Core Web Vitals metrics on web.dev/fast/. Improving metrics for your site can require web development knowledge.

Why are there differences in scores between mobile and desktop?

If you're measuring Core Web Vitals with RUM tool of your choice, you may find that scores differ between Mobile Web and Desktop Web. The two versions will have different constraints.

Can sessions that don't report FID be considered 'bounced' sessions?

No, FID doesn't include scrolls. Bounce Rate are part of analytics and not considered in the design of CWV metrics.

How do CWV account for for those using old devices or slow network?

In such cases, the site should adapt the content to make sure users are still receiving good user experience and still meet recommended Core Web Vitals thresholds.




Do Core Web Vitals impact ranking?

Starting May 2021, CWV will be included in page experience signals along with the existing ones, mobile-friendless, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

How does Google determine which pages are assessed by Page Experience and used as a ranking Signal?

Page Experience is only one of the signals used to rank pages. A page with subpar page experience will still rank highly if it has relevant content.

What's the difference between desktop and mobile ranking?

At the moment, using page experience as a signal for ranking will only apply to mobile search.



What will happen to traffic if the site doesn't hit CWV performance metrics?

At the moment, it's difficult to make a prediction. Mind that content matching the information the user is seeking remains a strong signal.


What information does Search Console provide about CWV? What do the errors mean?

Search Console has released the Core Web Vitals Report to help site owners identify potential user experience problems and provide visibility into state of CWV's in the site. Find more info on different errors and how to address them in Help Center.

Why do I see warnings on Search Console CWV report when my page is fast?

Different factors contribute to how a page loads and a user experiences it. CWV looks for more than just speed. It assesses user visits and thresholds at 75th percentile across all users.

I see no errors in Lighthouse. Why do I see errors in Search Console Report?

The search Console Report shows page performance based on real world usage data. Lighthouse shows data based on 'lab data' used for debugging performance issues when developing website i.e data in controlled environment.

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