Covid-19 Vaccination FAQ's:

Why vaccines are safe?

BY Vaibhavi Dahake

20 April 2021

With the third phase of Covid vaccination beginning from April 1 in India, myths and misinformation regarding the vaccine continue to stand in the way. Here are some answers to your vaccine queries.

From mild reactions to no side effects at all to adverse and severe complications, there are a lot many questions regarding Covid vaccines

Many vaccine recipients experienced mild side effects like low grade fever, mild body aches, fatigue, headache or arm soreness, while some experienced no side effects at all. Both are completely normal.

Why do reactions happen?

Vaccine reactions happen because your immune system is active and responding to an antigen. Body starts creating anti-bodies against anti-gen.

Are some groups more likely to develop reactions?

Yes. Younger adults across the board are developing more side effects and reactions from Covid-19 vaccines. Simply because they have more robust immune systems.

Why do the reactions differ?

The side effects vary more from person to person than from vaccine to vaccine. Simply explained because we all have different reactions because we all have different immune systems.

Can anything be done, pro or post vaccine, to reduce the side effects

The only thing we can do is try all the things that contribute to a healthier immune system, hydration, enough sleep, and a nutrition-rich diet are what are recommended before a vaccine.

No side effect at all doesn't mean vaccine is not working

If getting mild side effects is a good thing, that doesn't automatically translate to no side effects being a bad thing.

How long will it take for immunity to kick in?

Immunity develops over several weeks. Early antibody response is evident in the second week and fades by the fourth week after infection or vaccination.

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