Covid19:  Double Masking For Effective Protection

By Vaibhavi Dahake

24 April 2021

According to a new study Wearing two tightly-fitted face masks can nearly double the effectiveness of filtering out Covid virus-sized particles, preventing them from reaching the wearer’s nose and mouth and causing COVID-19

Double masking, with cloth and surgical masks, can prevent leakage of air and fit the contours of the face better, studies by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  has found.

The reason for the enhanced filtration is not so much adding layers of cloth, but eliminating any gaps or poor fitting areas of a mask.

Ideally we should wear N95 but because of lack of availability this two mask system offers better protection.While N-95 masks have a filteration efficacy of 90%, surgical masks are 85%-90% protective

The best way to double mask is to use a cloth mask over a surgical mask. Other good combinations are cloth masks or a 3-ply mask over a cloth mask.

How: Knot the ear loops of a surgical mask where they attach to the mask's edges with prevent any gaps. and then tuck in and flatten the extra material close to the mouth.

Make sure you can breathe easily. Double masks allows you to talk freely. Wear the masks at home few minutes before you walk out of home to see the fit and comfort.

As the new variants of COVID-19 with higher infection rates are adding to the daily surge of positive cases, it is crucial that people take every precaution possible. This includes wearing double masks and taking all the steps necessary to make masks as effective as possible.

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