Dating after Divorce

BY: The News Voice


It is hard and a bit scary to put yourself back in the dating game after a divorce.


You have been in a committed and long-term relationships and the mere thought of single life is terrifying.  Here are few tips on dating for you-


It's best not to rush such things. However tough you are, divorce is still an emotional event. Take care of yourself first before you decide to involve someone in your life.


Use the experience you gained as an adult. This isn't dating in college and you aren't looking to get into anyone's pants. Use proper etiquette during dates and score points.


It's tempting to rush back into a relationship even if it's just to feel the rush you get from it.  Divorce is not a failure at love, use it as learning experience and take your time.


Being honest while getting to know each other is a good thing.  But if the bitter past is all you talk about, they will be put off by it. Avoid divorce into few of the dates.


You are not a teen anymore, you can be honest, listen and care about what other person is talking about and find new experiences.


It may seem intimidating at first but don't overthink it. You don't need to go out and look for your next wife. Just take it easy and enjoy meeting new people.


Luckily, your luck isn't as bad as Ross' and even if it is, don't forget not to give up just like him!