April 16, 2021

Delicious Maggie Recipes You Can Try At Home

By Vaibhavi Dahake


The stapal food for every Indian living in a hostel or at home. Not restricted by age. Its easy to cook and affordable, Our go to snack when hunger calls for. Here are different ways you can make your maggie.


Masala Maggie


In Masala Maggie you can add any masala, spices or veggies in it with the key ingredient being an extra packet of Maggie masala

Cheese Maggie


Cheese makes everything deliciouse. You ought to try magie with chesse. Just add the cheese in the last stem, you can add spices and veggies as well. Its the best thing ever.

Egg Maggie


Fried egg with a spicy Maggie is a combination something everyone loves. Its the best of both world if you are craving both at the same time.

Chicken Maggie


smaller cooked pieces of chicken added in the Maggie can be called as main dish. A great combo.

Corn and Spinach Maggie


Now this is a different flavour but must try. Somethig other then spicy, A light creamy and sweet flavour from the corn and spinach. You can add cheese as well. Definitely helathy.

Schezwan Maggie


Schezwan Maggie or noodles, one of the most popular way to make Maggie. You can totally rock this lip smacking dish Chinese way with veggies.

Maggie Sandwich


Now this is not something everyone will like. But  a great way to eat Maggie is with bread. Toasted or plain or making a sandwich out of it.

Italian Maggie


Those who love pasta and can't live without it, This Maggie is for them. Cheesy with broccoli and mushroom and creamy is all this Maggie is. A delicious twist.

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