Ways to enjoy Eating out with Kids

BY: The News Voice


Kids are a menace when it comes to meal times and on top of that some restaurants are banning or implementing  'No screaming' and  'Be respectful' policies.


How are you supposed to teach kids manners at table when they aren't allowed in restaurants?


Call ahead and make sure the restaurant you are going is kid-friendly. Some restaurants have a separate kids menu leaving out complicated ingredients.


Kids enjoy being treated like adults. But ease the fine dining role play slowly and start with something simple like placing napkin in laps.


An overtired or hungry child is no fun for anyone. Hit the diner early, ensures good evening routines and unfrazzled waiters.


Just in case pack a few toys, books or coloring toys, that will keep your kids busy and not make noise. Avoid electronics or noise making things.


Try to convey what type of behavior you expect at restaurant like how to keep quiet, using good manners and using utensils while eating.


Consider seating at a corner or a bit private table to be inconspicuous. This also helps little disturbances from being too noticeable.


If your child acts out, try not to make a scene. Take them out or to washroom to calm them and if you can't do it be prepared to leave.


Take this outing as an opportunity to explain the importance of 'please' and 'thank you' to waiters when asking for service.


Try these techniques next time you got to a restaurant with your kids for a peaceful experience.