Does Diabetes cause Memory Loss?

BY: The News Voice

Our body changes what we eat into glucose which is converted into energy by insulin.

Sometimes, your body may not make enough insulin or use it properly which results in too much glucose in blood; diabetes.

Type 1: Little or no Insulin.

Type 2: Insulin not used right way.


- Random glucose Test - Fasting glucose Test - Oral glucose Tolerance test - A1C blood test .

Uncontrolled diabetes may increase the risk of experiencing cognitive problems like memory loss.

Research shows that  having Type 2 diabetes may increase the risk of developing slow progressive dementia.

It is believed that diabetes can cause memory loss through silent damage to capillaries.

Though we can measure brain shrinkage, MRI and CT scans can't show plaques and tangles caused by damage to capillaries.

The risk of dementia is higher when diabetes is poorly managed, so good control over blood sugar is necessary to prevent serious memory loss.

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